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Frequently Asked Questions

Most people invariably have questions with regard to aspects of their service or the many features that Web Monger accounts offer. While we are available to help via telephone or Email, Web Monger is happy to provide these answers to Frequently Asked Questions in order to save you time. Click on any question to find your answer.


How do I configure Outlook or Outlook Express for my email?
How do I powercycle my computer and modem?
How do I submit a Domain Transfer request?
How do I transfer to Web Monger for Hosting Services?
How do I upload/publish files through FrontPage?
How do I use WS_FTP?
What are Web Monger's Name Servers (DNS Information)?
What do my Web Statistics mean?
What is DNS?
What is FTP?
What is Phishing?
What is Spyware?
What is the difference between Web Hosting and Domain Registration?
Where can I get FTP software?
Why am I getting returned e-mails I know I didn't send?


"...I'm extremely pleased because Web Monger is a company that has met all my deadlines, providing outstanding service. From hosting to design, Web Monger is a pleasure to work with. There is no fear of needing to know internet lingo, as you'll find patience with your knowledge level at every turn."
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