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Web Site Design

The services of a good web designer don’t "cost", they pay in the long run!


Web Monger takes great pride in designing and developing Web sites that are professional, appealing and easy to navigate. One glitch in programming can make the web site malfunction or be difficult to index by search engines. Good programming makes sure everything works the way it should and allows your clients to go and do what they want while visiting your web site. It also ensures that flow and content make sense.


Our clients include small, medium and large companies, both private and public, with the need for personal service and interaction with regard to web development. Web Monger takes pride in incorporating the overall needs of the customer into every web site developed, including the most sophisticated technologies in design and development. Where necessary, we take a simplistic but impressive approach to getting your “message” delivered in a practical way and in a format that is easy for your customers to follow.


As a developer, we are sure to provide a rich, dynamic and functional site. However, we can also incorporate the “design” process into our service. In all, we develop a program very specific to your needs. We include all the necessary elements to your web site including:

- flash - imaging - graphics - html - dynamic html
- databases - java - sound - tables - forms -
… and more.


Web Monger is also available to provide ongoing maintenance on an as needed basis. You get a great deal of time savings and assurance in maintaining consistency within your site. No ISP yet? No Domain yet? Don't worry, we will help with every step of the process that you wish. We take pride in incorporating the overall needs of the customer into every web site developed.


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"Thanks so much for the great site! We are very pleased."
Wisconsin Rapids



"I moved my account to Web Monger because of their competitive pricing. They were able to meet the needs of our complicated web site design and do an excellent job of keeping us on the search engines. The customer-friendly front end of the site works smooth for the public, yet we were able to increase usage of the site through many of our behind the scenes databases. Research and suggestions are part of the package in the design work. Web Monger works with you and your goals when designing your site, and that's where the success lies. I highly recommend their design expertise to large or small businesses."
Wisconsin Rapids

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